103.1 The River has an hour of music from the Flathead the every Sunday night at 10pm! Brufus and Ron Foster host an hour of music from bands and artists right in the Flathead Valley!
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Monkey & A Roast Beef Sandwich

Brothers Of Sasquatch

Luke Dowler

Andrew Sweeney

Kati O'Toole

30 Years Adrift

Tim Torgerson

Broken Ties

Briar Gillund

Silver's Platter


Graveyard Girl Scouts

Mass Bloodshed

Barrel Stove Combo

Porkchop Records

Connoisseurs of Chaos

Canyon Creek Ramblers


A Street Band

Paralell 49


Kristi Neumann

Guitagraphy II


Veteran Greene

Secret Powers

Good Wood

Fatal Cure

The Candles

Cursed for Cowards

Pop A Pill

Betty and the Boy


The Murder Of William H. Macy